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Discovering Reborn Dolls

I discovered 'Reborn Dolls' on Ebay back in 2005 i was amazed!!

Their amazing details, how realistic they were,  how they were transformed from a blank vinyl doll kit into a real life looking 'Baby doll' 

I had never been into dolls or collecting but something said 'You can do this'  I bought supplies and started to Reborn!  I loved it so much it became my new hobby!

Being an At home mum this was my new found enjoyment and once my first Reborn sold i was hooked.

To date i have made over 200 Reborn Dolls & some of my favorite's can be seen on the  'Reborn Doll Gallery Pages'  All my dolls have been sold worldwide and many here in New Zealand have found new mummies.


In 2010 I started sculpting hand made clay babies, once again i was hooked. I absolutely love making 'One Of A Kind Sculpted Babies'!!  My Sculpted Babies can also been seen on my pages.

To date i have Produced 3 Vinyl Doll Kits ,  Faith Patrick'and Skylar 

Their Prototype Pictures can be seen on 'My Sculpts ~ Artist's Prototypes Page

Two other of my clay sculpts Rio and Chloe have also been Re produced by Debbie Moore from the UK.  More important information on these 2 doll kits can be see on my 'Vinyl Doll Kits Page' and 'Info on Illegal Reproduced Vinyl Doll Kits'  Page.

I have also produced one Platinum Silicone doll kit EllaZay to find out more about  Silicone dolls and to see photos you can visit my 'Silicone Dolls' Page and About Silicone Page!